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February 26, 2024 at 9:52:03 AM (EST)   

Who is EXTINCTIONS, Inc.? EXTINCTIONS, Inc. is a business dedicated to supplying fossils to museums and collectors around the world. Our goal is to offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible. We have the largest, most complete, and most detailed fossil websites on the Internet. We are regarded as one of the premier fossil suppliers in the world. We have been selling fossils for over 35 years. Our customers include the Smithsonian Institution, Field Museum, Royal Ontario Museum, Royal Tyrrell Museum, Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences and other museums too numerous to mention. We have also donated specimens to museums, educational institutions, and thousands of teachers and children around the world.

EXTINCTIONS does much of its own field collecting and lab preparation; therefore, we are a direct source for many fossils. We collect at private sites and have our own land leased solely for fossil excavation. We also acquire many fossils in the unprepared state, and let our full time preparators do the extraction. Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art preparation tools, which include microscopes, air abrasive equipment (mini sandblasters), and diamond saws and grinders. We also have a network of contacts worldwide that supply us with finished fossils from many regions around the globe.

EXTINCTIONS only sells REAL FOSSILS in our fossil catalogs. We guarantee every fossil we offer for sale is authentic and correctly represented. Accordingly, we do not sell fossils found on public land or acquired from questionable sources. We strive to adhere to all laws governing the collection and sale of fossils in the United States and around the world.

This website, EXTINCTIONS.com, is the portal site for our many fossil websites. We operate nine online fossil stores, an online nature store, a fossil auction website, and even a wholesale fossil store. We also contribute to Trilobites.info, a non-commercial, educational website dedicated exclusively to the study of trilobites. This website, EXTINCTIONS.com, also lists our most recent catalog updates and our famous "Fossils of the Week", a feature that has not missed a week since 1997! Set EXTINCTIONS.com as your fossil homepage, and all of these features will be only a mouse click away!

EXTINCTIONS Websites and Fossils of the Week
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Sculpted Stone Featured Item

Click here to buy SSA781

Diplomystus dentatus

Fossil of the Week

Click here to buy XIARU120

Cosmoceras proniae

Dinosaurs.net Item of the Week

Click here to buy FFWD719

Diplomystus dentatus

DinoStore Item of the Week

Click here to buy DSTSP758

Spinosaurus aegyptiacus Tooth

Amber of the Week

Click here to buy ACBBM901

Parasitic Mite on a Biting Midge

Trilobite of the Week

Click here to buy TTCH704

Arthricocephalus Trilobites

Crinoid of the Week

Click here to buy CCCM33

Onychocrinus ulrichi & Macrocrinus mundulus

Fossil Fish of the Week

Click here to buy FFLS05

Exocoetoides minor

Shark Fossil the Week

Click here to buy STMPA21

Paleocarcharodon orientalis Tooth

Fossil Plant of the Week

Click here to buy FPUGH01

Gymnocladus hesperia

Wholesale Fossil of the Week

Click here to buy XICR702

Trichopeltarion greggi

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